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    Ana Ipatescu 44 Street


    +40 21 4570016

    DUCATEX S.A. is a modern and energetic developing company; the source of its success is the wide investment program, organized management system, improving and maintaining a severe quality control policy based on developing the laboratory facilities, built-in customer service department ready to comply, in a flexible and quickly way, to the highest demands of the market, to a highly qualified staff continually upgrading their professional skills. Over 75% of DUCATEX S.A. products are dedicated to export, the presence on the worlds markets being its verification of the high standards of products and competitive efficiency. The company is producing rubber articles since 1970, developing his activity over a total area of 110.000 sqm of land and 70.000 sqm built area taking advantage of his own rail way station, power supply station and gas reduction station. Activity is developed over a total the production area for gaskets and compounds. Starting with 1999 became a private company developing the huge production potentiality in a competitive manner for the following products range.



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